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A Very Sad Dog Story

Years ago a little Brazilian shop opened up next to the place I do yoga.  The owner happened to live down the block from me and I would see her and her little black and white dog, PePe walking to the store each day.  He was a blocky little Chihuahua   mix that liked his freedom.  […]

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No Regerts

Sometimes I slip down the social media rabbit hole, swiping through one successful and amazing artist or designer after another.  I scroll through them all crying out, “Why them?  Why not me?  Why are they so lucky and successful and I’m not?” Then my honest self, my adult self, answers my question. “Well Sunde, maybe […]

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Cartwheeling! (Not in a good way)

A couple of years ago an airplane crash landed at the San Francisco airport.  Witnesses described it as “cartwheeling” down the runway.  Cartwheeling.  So now, whenever I fly, no amount of wine spritzers or expired pain killers from the dentist can erase that phrase from my memory.

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