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No Regerts

Sometimes I slip down the social media rabbit hole, swiping through one successful and amazing artist or designer after another.  I scroll through them all crying out, “Why them?  Why not me?  Why are they so lucky and successful and I’m not?” Then my honest self, my adult self, answers my question. “Well Sunde, maybe […]

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See’s Candy Analysis, Part 1

I love See’s Candy.  I was a sugar restricted kid that looked forward to the holidays every year so I could get my three pieces of See’s candy from the 2 pound box. (I have a big family).   I grew up studying and mapping out the candy box so that none of my precious chocolate […]

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Surf Zine Sneak Peak!

Hello!  I’m working on a zine about all my years surfing in San Francisco.  It’ll have illustrated stories, cartoons, art and a graphic novel surfer spy series.   Here’s one of the stories for you to enjoy! Seals Are Weird!  A sexual harassment story from the sea. I hate seals. There, I said it.  I’m more […]

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