The Grossest Root Canal Ever

Fun times!

On Thursday Britt woke up with a sore throat.

“God Dammit,” he said.  “I’m sick.”

“What??? It’s summer time. Get away from me though.” I told him.

“You know who gave it to me?” he asked.

“ A little kid?”

“Dr. Coolum.”

“The root canal dentist?”

“Ya, he was coughing and had sniffles the whole time he was working on me.  He kept saying he had allergies.”

I pictured the sick dentist, not wanting to cancel any of his long held appointments, prying open Britt’s mouth and then breathing germs directly into him and his bleeding gums for two hours while he performed oral surgery.

“Oh my god, that’s so gross!”

Britt grumbled and shuffled off, blowing his nose into a wad of toilet paper.

He was terribly sick for a week but his tooth feels great.


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