What My Dogs Are Reading Now, Installment #1

Blessed be the books!


The Testaments

Margaret Atwood


As a feminist, ReeRee thinks the long awaited, well timed sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale is great.  Usually she doesn’t like books told by a few different narrators but in this case it is really effective in answering all the questions she’s ever had about the dystopian country, The Republic of Gilead.  She’s a slow reader so she hasn’t quite finished it but loves it so far.

Surf Is Where You Find It

Gerry Lopez

ReeRee loves the beach so she was very excited to read this book.  She says that the soulful, artful yet straight forward writing of this surfing icon’s surfing life was inspiring, informative and gave a peek into surfing’s history that, since the 60’s, Gerry Lopez has played a big part in.  Known as “Mr.Pipeline”, he has done it all and been there for so many big moments in surfing.  From harrowing near death experiences, being an early world traveling surfer, discovering surf breaks in Bali to being one of the first people to tow into big waves, he covers it all in this book.  His surfboard designs have evolved along with the sport and ReeRee found his essays on board design to be fascinating.

ReeRee thinks every person can be inspired by this book and every surfer can learn from it.




Grimm’s Fairy Tales

The Brothers Grimm

Jasmine’s gentle nature was quite startled by the dark fairytales found in this book.  Based on German folklore, these stories are the gruesome and truly scary originals of Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and many more well known stories.   They are a truthful warning that not all people are good and not all families are loving but there is magic in the world and plenty of people willing to use it to live their best lives.


Talking To Strangers

Malcolm Gladwell

One of Jasmine’s favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell researches and reframes stories thru history to uncover a different truth that busts through societal norms and preconceived notions.  His books are always mind blowing. Whether writing about ketchup or police shootings, he finds a way to explain the most complicated and sensitive matters so that the reader can use the revelation to enlighten their own mindset.

This book explains why people trust and believe very bad people yet don’t trust or believe honest people, just because they’re different.  It also gets into how communication with strangers can go very wrong and why.  To be honest, this book had so many concepts and twists and turns to take in that Jasmine might need to reread it in order to wrap her head around it.



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