What We’re Watching!

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What We’re Watching!

 I really love snuggling with my girls and watching trash TV or highly intelligent TV, documentaries, comedies, cooking shows, dramas or reality tv.  I don’t care what it is, I probably have loved watching it.  Here are a few of our favorites right now.  Also, I make a really tasty popcorn that includes nutritional yeast that I posted directions for at the end of this essay. (Don’t be freaked out by the yeast thing…it’s soooo good on popcorn!)

Documentary: 100 Foot Wave, HBO

You don’t have to be a surfer to LOVE this series.  It follows big wave pioneer Garrett McNamara on his journey to surf a one hundred foot wave at the big wave spot that he was the first to surf called Nazare in Portugal.  This show follows him and his family along with a few other big wave surfers as they navigate the town’s politicians to allow them to surf there and the drama that ensues once they are on the waves.  This show is inspirational and will have you on the edge of your seat and leave you dreaming about what big thing you could achieve.  Look out for my very favorite big wave surfer Justine DuPont.  She is so cool and brave and was right there charging from the very beginning.

The musical score is by Philip Glass and it’s so beautiful and goes hand and glove with the show.

The second season just ended, so catch up now before the third starts.

Cooking Show: Beat Bobby Flay, Cooking Channel

 I love watching Bobby Flay on any show he’s in because he knows everything about food, has a great pallete and is easy to watch but this show is my very favorite of his.  This is a half hour cooking competition where two chefs first compete against each other with the winner competing against Bobby Flay.  The chef gets to cook her specialty and Bobby Flay has to make his version right on the spot.  This show is very fun because the guests that they have on always root against Bobby and make fun of him while he’s cooking and try to distract him.  But at the same time you get to learn about food and what goes into dishes you’ve always heard of but never knew how to make.  In the end Bobby is so talented that he almost always beats the chefs but it’s exciting to figure out who will finally beat the king.

I find this show very relaxing to watch and I love that there are a million seasons so you have endless shows just waiting for you.

Reality Show: Below Deck Sailing, Bravo

 This show has a lot of versions like Australia, Bahamas, Norway and a bunch of other beautiful locations but I really like the sailing one because the captain is fair and nice and the crew crack me up and bring just the right amount of drama without it being toxic.

This show follows the crew of a sailing yacht.  It shows the drama of the usually drunk clients above deck while focusing on the crew making the boat run.  I like this show because it covers work dynamics, interpersonal relationships, romance and adventure.

Girl Power!: Enola Holmes, Netflix

 This is for younger people I guess but I found them very charming and I look forward to another one.  This series of movies (there are 2 so far) are starring Millie Bobbi Brown from Stranger Things.  She is an aspiring detective in London in the late 1800’s trying to get out from under the shadow of her brother, Sherlock.  These shows are fun, romantic, exciting with a little bit of history thrown in.

They are based on the books by Nancy Springer.

Fun Romance: Bridgerton, Netflix

 From the production company of Shonda Rhimes comes these super fun “bodice rippers” based on the books by Julia Quinn taking place during a fictional early 1800 England.   The series follows different families and their romantic drama that is all watched over by the queen whom loves to know all the gossip and play matchmaker for her subjects.

There are 3 seasons so far.  The most recent one is written by Rhimes and it tells the back story of the queen.


 It’s hardly a recipe but it’s my favorite way to eat popcorn.


Favorite Microwave Popcorn

Nutritional Yeast

Salted Butter

Melt about a quarter stick of salted butter.  Microwave the popcorn till full popped, empty into large bowl.  Mix in the extra butter and then sprinkle in a generous amount of yeast,  at least a quarter cup but I like a lot.  Keep mixing till all kernels are covered deliciously in butter and yeast.