What’s My Sister Saill Up to? #4:Cow Shaming!

Can a human please go to Petaluma and visit my sister?  At this very moment she is putting together cow shaming signs for each and every one of these cows, especially the black one, Bossy.  Feverishly constructing clear, grammatically correct sentences, on cardboard she recycled from a refrigerator box that she scavenged from the behind the taco restaurant down the road.   Without our help, she will be doing this every four to six weeks for five days straight when the farmer lets his cows roam the pastures bordering her land. Thank you.




My name is Bossy and I bend Sunde's sister's fence to eat her flowers...and I like it.

My name is Bossy and I bend Sunde’s sister’s fence to eat her flowers…and I like it.


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