What’s My Sister Saill Up To? Frankie Hollywood Edition!

Two Sweet Babies

Well, as usual Saill’s been up to interesting stuff on her ranch like creating watering systems for her trees, watching cows and saving democracy with her voting research which you can see here: www.votesleuth.org.

But the funnest thing she’s been up to is she adopted Frankie from the Petaluma Animal Shelter!  He is the cutest, sweetest guy on earth and because of this, Saill has a new hobby of taking adorable pictures of him spreading love to all other creatures.  Based on her pictures here, he seems to love cows, cats, pigs, other dogs and kittens equally.  Saill just found a tiny baby kitten that thinks Frankie is its mom and so now Frankie has his very own kitten to take care of!  Although I don’t have photos to prove it here, Saill reports that he takes very good care of the chickens and roosters too.  Frankie ran in one day, barking frantically.  Saill ran outside, expecting some sort of terrifying intruder but sweet Frankie just wanted to let her know that a chicken had gotten out and was wandering around in the garden.

If anyone wants a dog as amazing as Frankie, the shelters and pounds are full of them.  Please adopt, don’t shop!


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