What’s my sister Saill up to? (installment#2-Reunited!)









So a couple of nights ago Saill texted me and my other sister Skye (who has rescued many feral cats in Brooklyn) that “Maxwell made a friend!”  Uh oh, that’s code for Saill just got another cat. But after a lengthy text discussion between Skye and Saill a heartwarming story began to be pieced together.

A couple of weeks ago Saill adopted her cat Maxwell. Then, a few days ago another siamese male cat arrived at Saill’s gate.  He was half starved and sick but he had blue eyes like Maxwell so Saill snapped a picture of him before he wandered down the road.




Buttercup at gate

Blue eyed stranger














Right after that Maxwell disappeared for a couple of days.  Since Saill is a country person now instead of crying day and night and blanketing the neighborhood with lost cat posters as I would have done, she calmly went about her business until Maxwell showed up again…with the blue eyed cat!

“That’s called a Golden Tipped Siamese.”  texted Skye “They’re probably related.  Maybe they’ve been looking for each other.  It’s unusual for two male cats to bond so quickly.”

“So interesting!” Saill texted back. “They totally seem like family.  He’s eating out of Maxwell’s food bowl right now!”

Then they texted some gross cat stuff back and forth to each other that really made me lose my appetite for my Chicken Cesar I had been enjoying.

Skye:”That’s true love. I guess you have two cats now.  Watch out because un-neutered males are really stinky. My ginger cat reeked for a while even after he was fixed.”

I’m a dog person.  I don’t even want to know why a male cat would reek but my worst imagination is telling me it has something to do with glands and hormones and urine.  Moving on.

Skye:”He probably has feline herpes that may have turned into an infection.  Easy to fix with antibiotics”

Um, feline herpes?? I would immediately find a petting stick and only touch the cat with that instead of my hand.  But not Saill.

Saill:”He let me pick him up and snuggle him!”

A day later Saill fearlessly picked up the potentially herpe infected cat  with her bare hands(!!) , put him in a box and took him to the vet.  Turns out he just has a bad cold and is underweight. She named him Sir Lancelot Buttercup which is like the cutest name ever.

So a happy ending for Saill at the ranch.  Two long lost brothers have found each other and will live happily ever after!!

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Buttercup and Maxwell, together at last

Buttercup and Maxwell, together at last









































































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