Wines I Like For Valentine’s Day!

Sunde White illustrates her essay of wines she likes

Now that wine can be ordered on line, I thought I’d give you a little list of wines I like.  If you are in a state that can’t get wine shipped to it, I recommend asking for it at your local market, they will usually be happy to carry a wine that their customers recommend.


  1. Clos du Bois ( )

This is a very reasonably priced California wine that is consistently delicious and has very nice reds and whites.  I like their Pinot Grigio and Cab but that’s because I like Pinot Grigios and Cabs! $15

  1. F Bomb (

This is my all time favorite red wine. It’s a red blend with a mix of Grenache, Merlot and Cab. It’s fruity but not too sweet, smooth but not too earthy.  I love it and it doesn’t give me migraines!  The company that makes it is called The Dirty Pure Project (I think) but it’s distributed through Nine North Wines.  I can’t totally understand who owns it but maybe I just don’t get the wine biz.  Anyway, this wine is totally worth tracking down. $25

  1. Foxglove (available on most wine websites)

For about 20 bucks you can get an excellent, smooth Cab from Paso Robles, CA.  I snap up this wine every time I see it in my local market. $20

  1. Schramsberg Sparkling Wine (

My favorite sparkling wine (aka champagne).  Omg, this St. Helena winery has a beautiful, dry champagne that is not too sweet that you can sip all night without a sugar hangover in the first hour.  This sparkling wine is a bit pricey but it’s for special occasions so just treat yourself, it’s worth it.  They have a sparkling Rose too but I haven’t tried it but now that I have learned this I think I’ll try it and let you know.  I have found this champagne at my local market and Safeway. $40